CitySpokes enables all the segments of a city to support each other, like the spokes of a wheel. To accomplish this, there are nine different segments, or "Spokes," that each have their distinct role. The primary Spoke is a Member. If the Member of CitySpokes owns a business or runs an organization, they can add their Business as a second Spoke, and connect it to their Member account.

The same process applies if the Member also has an oversight role in Local Government, the Chamber of Commerce, or the local educational system. Regardless of the Spoke the member oversees, they can add and connect their Member account to that Spoke.

There are also two external Spokes that participate in a local community, and they are State and National level Spokes. The State level Spokes (Newscasters) contribute official information to all cities and counties within their State on such subjects as Healthcare, and National level Spokes (Bloggers) provide interesting and helpful information to one of the 32 Filter Pages that focus on specific subjects, like Fitness, Home & Building, Pets, etc.

The final Spoke is for Students, which can be any age. However, if the Student is under 18, another Member must add the Student to CitySpokes on their behalf. The primary reason for Students to join is to participate in the Prize Apps that are built into CitySpokes. Since the parent or teacher will be adding the Student, they are also the ones that will set the parameters for earning the prizes, as well as providing the prizes when the Student accomplishes their goals. Consequently, the parent or teacher needs to have access to the Student account to provide their input.


As a Member of CitySpokes you will be able to:

  1. Use Planner Spokes to help organize your life
  2. Post and search Yard Sales
  3. Post and search Lost & Found
  4. Post Classified Ads
  5. Use Math For Prizes, and other prize apps
  6. Submit request for products and services to merchants
  7. Submit questions to local government officials
  8. Navigate CitySpokes much faster, and more

Businesses & Organizations

As a Business or Organization, you will be able to extend your reach to additional customers by :

  1. Receiving free leads from Members (Residents)
  2. Posting News Items
  3. Posting Specials
  4. Posting Events
  5. Posting Help Wanted Ads
  6. Creating your Digital Business Card
  7. Posting Classified Ads
  8. Advertising at extremely low rates

Local Governments

As a Local Government, you will be able to:

  1. Provide relocation information
  2. Replace slideshow header with local images
  3. Post Featured articles
  4. Post tourism guidance
  5. Respond to questions from Residents
  6. Post FAQs
  7. Post quick links to official government website
  8. Manage and post Gold Sponsors to fund activities

Chambers of Commerce & BBBs

As a Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, or Downtown Association, you will be able to:

  1. Add your logo to member businesses that are displayed in the CitySpokes Business Directory
  2. Increase membership by providing the logo incentive
  3. Conduct CitySpokes training to provide an additional benefit to membership
  4. Access your own membership directory, organized alphabetically or by business categories

Boards of Education & Schools

As a School or a Board of Education, you will be able to:

  1. Provide Math for Prizes apps to all your students
  2. Provide additional subject prize apps
  3. Encourage self-managed student learning wherever the student can access the Internet
  4. Create your own Prize apps that match your curriculum

State Newscasters

As a State "Newscaster," you will be able to:

  1. Provide important and interesting information to all the cities and counties within your state
  2. Spread important guidance much quicker by posting where residents will see your posts

Filter Bloggers

As a National Blogger, you will be able to:

  1. Target your articles to those individuals that have selected the subject Filter Page they are interested in
  2. Select from 32 different Filter Pages, including Filters like Healthcare, Pets, Sports, Home & Building, Finance, Entertainment, Crafts, Photography, Real Estate, Marketing, and 22 more.
  3. Gain experience being a National Blogger
  4. Gain exposure and a following from being a National Blogger
  5. Help and educate a lot of people


As a Spokes Guide, you will be able to:

  1. Help a lot of businesses by sharing your expertise
  2. Get an easy "foot in the door" by working with and helping businesses
  3. Expand your customer reach by being in a Spokes Guides National Directory
  4. Increase the opportunities for increasing your income by marketing the services you specialize in
  5. Better engage with the local community and beyond