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By posting your Yard Sales in CitySpokes, you gain the following advantages:

  • You can gain additional exposure for your Yard Sale, without costing you any money.
  • People looking for something specific can search all Yard Sales for that item, and only go to those Yard Sales that list that item for sale.
  • You might help someone find and come to your yard sale that is looking for a specific item that you have listed, that otherwise might not have come.

Create New Yard Sale

To create a new Yard Sale, enter the requested information and click Submit. If you make a mistake or want to add, modify or delete any of the information you enter, you will be able to do that as well by clicking on the Modify Yard Sale once you've created the posting.

Date: Enter the date in date format (07/10/22) by clicking in the field and selecting from the pop-up calendar. Do not enter things like "Next Saturday" or "The First Saturday every month."