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My Spoke Connections


This screen will display the Business or Organizations you can manage within CitySpokes. Also, this screen is where you add a new Business or Organization, or accept a Share from someone that has already added your Business or Organization.

Add a New Spoke Connection

If you own a business, or are an authorized spokesperson of a local city, county or state government, Board of Education, or a business organization like a Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, Downtown Association, etc., or you would like to apply to be a National Blogger where your articles would be displayed in about 30,000 cities and all 3100 counties, this is where you will add your Spoke Connection to your Membership.

Accept a Business Share

When a business owner wants to add an additional individual or individuals to their business connection, so they can post on the business owner's behalf, the business owner can "Share" that responsibility. When that happens, the business owner needs to activate the Share as well as provide the Share Code with that individual. Once they do, that individual can select this option to accept the Share by entering the provided Share Code and business Zip Code here. If everything matches, the individual will also be able to manage the CitySpokes functionality on behalf of the business.