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This tool is extremely powerful and can help you quickly and easily recall lots of information. You will be able to save notes, website addresses, and lots more information you come across on a daily basis that you may need later. Once you add the information, you can quickly locate the information you are looking for by using our very easy-to-use, yet very powerful search tool.

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Do you ever think of something you want to cook, but don’t know where the recipe is – was it in a book, online, or on a sheet of paper someone gave you. Or do you have some specific ingredients, and you would like to know what recipes use those ingredients? With RecipeSpokes, both these problems are solved. All you have to do is enter the recipes you like, and they can easily be recalled using our very powerful search tool.

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Do you ever forget to do something? Maybe you need to pay a bill in three months, but it’s due on the third Thursday of the month – a tough date to remember. Or you need to return a product by a certain date, call someone on a specific date, complete maintenance on something in two months, replace batteries in six months, change the furnace filter, and the list goes on and on. It’s simple, just enter all these items into ReminderSpokes, and CitySpokes will send you the emails you have crea...

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Do you ever find yourself in a store trying to remember something you know you need to buy, but can’t remember what it was? Or even worse, buying everything you think you needed to buy, only to arrive home or at work and realize you forgot to buy something important? Or how about those times you created a paper shopping list, but didn’t have it with you when you wanted to add a new item or when you went to the store? All you have to do is enter your shopping list items into ShoppingSpokes, a...

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Do you ever forget where you put something? Or where that special sweater is that you wear once a year? How about all those things in the back of the freezer that never get found until it’s too late. Or maybe its keeping track of what is in each box in the attic, or which cabinet or drawer something is stored in? All you have to do is enter these items into StorageSpokes, including a description of the item, and the items can quickly be located using the same easy to use, yet very powerfu...

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We all make ToDo Lists, but usually they are stored in our head or on a piece of paper, that you either lose, or don’t have access to when you need to add more items. Now, you can save and organize all your ToDo list items in one place, thereby freeing up your brain to manage other things. Once you start using this tool, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

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Included in PlannerSpokes is a scheduling program where you can create your scheduled meetings, tasks, etc. By doing so, your daily calendar will automatically appear each morning and throughout the day. You can also include comments into each scheduled item so you remember to do everything when your meeting comes due.

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