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This section is where you will access your personal "Spokes." These include connecting your Member account to your business or organization, Planner Spokes (your daily planner to help you better organize your daily life), your learning tools like Math For Prizes, various utility programs, and any Focus Groups you join to contribute to making CitySpokes even better.

My Spoke Connections

You will either use this section a lot, or never use it, depending on whether you have a Business or Organization that you will be managing within CitySpokes.

If you do have a role managing a Business or Organization, you will first add it here, and once added, after signing into your Member account, this is how you will access your Business Dashboard to promote and grow your business.

Adding a Spoke Connection will enable you to connect your Business or Organization to your Member account so you will be able to promote your business in CitySpokes. If someone in your organization has already added the Business or Organization to CitySpokes, and they want to Share access with you, you can accept their share invitation here.


Planner Spokes can help you organize many of the unrelated things in your life into a single application. And since all the tools generally work the same way – once you learn one, you have generally learned them all.

Planner Spokes also has a very powerful, yet easy to use, search tool, so not only will you be able to save all your information, you will be able to quickly recall it when you need it. No more costly paper daily planners with no search capabilities.

StudentSpokes Admin

This program provides a very innovative and effective approach to learning. The concept is that the parent, teacher or individual offers a prize for a timed success. For example, in Math for Prizes, the parent could provide a chocolate milkshake if the child answers 100 random 12 times table problems in less than 5 minutes. Another example might be State Capitals for Prizes where the student must answer 50 random multiple choice questions matching States to their Capitals, or Capitals to their States in 4 minutes. Once an appropriate prize and challenge is created, the child will spend hours working on learning the information to earn the prize. Also with Learning Spokes, you or your child or student can use the applications set up by local Boards of Education or schools, that exactly match their local curriculum.

Finally, there are four templates available for different answer formats so you can create your own applications using the information you enter. This tool can be very self-motivating, with a lot less nagging, if done correctly. MathForPrizes in as excellent example of a self-motivating program that will teach your children and students their times tables and a lot more. Students under the age of 16 can also compete for prizes that have been entered into CitySpokes by local businesses to support the youth in the community, and to also generate local traffic into a store. These might include ice cream, pizza, miniature golf, or whatever.


This program is an assortment of programs that do not manage any data, but rather, perform calculations. For example, if you wanted to know the date that is 95 days from a date, you could find the answer here. Or, if you wanted to know how many days there are between two dates, again, it’s here.

My LinkSpokes

Great way to use your Instagram biolink

My Focus Groups

We are always looking for people to share their thoughts on how we can improve CitySpokes. If you are willing to work with us, we will offer various incentives to those that join our Focus Groups. If you are interested, please sign up for the Focus Group that you are interested in.

My ProjectSpokes

ProjectSpokes is a quick and easy project management tool that enables you to have unlimited tasks, priorities, due dates and notes on what needs to be done.

My DecisionSpokes

Make logical, data-driven decisions instead of emotional decisions.