Steps for Businesses & Organizations

Be the business people think of when they need the products and services you provide.

1. Join CitySpokes

Joining adds you to the Business Directory, which includes a Google map and a link to your website, You can also display and quickly update your business hours, including any adjusted Covid hours, as well as how Covid is affecting the delivery of your products and services.

Even if you don't proceed with any more steps, you should add your business to the Business Directory with a link back to your website.

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2. Accept Free Leads from Residents

Residents can submit quote requests for products or services where they describe what they're looking for. The system then sends a separate email to each business in the specified Category that has said they want to receive free leads. You can then provide a quote, or you can respond directly to the resident.

The resident, after reviewing all the responses, determines if and with which business to continue having a discussion with.

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3. Post News Items

By posting your News Items, you can keep your business name in the minds of current and potential customers, so they think of you when they need the products or services you provide.

News Items can include information about new products or services, a new piece of equipment you have and how it can be used to help your residents, a helpful reminder to residents where they can prepare for the coming season, a new employee bio that brings additional skills to your business, a new contract that illustrates your skills, an interesting story about a customer job, and many more helpful items.

Your News Items and other postings all link back to your website, increasing site visitors to your website. And once on your website, your local residents can learn much more about the products and services you provide. How much easier could it be to increase traffic to your website and grow your business without spending any money!

Finally, you will be able to "re-post" helpful News Items that other businesses in your same Business Category have posted, similar to how you are able to retweet or share items in other Social Media applications.

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4. Post Specials

If your business has Specials, promote them here for free. You can create your Specials ahead of time, and then update the dates and activate them when you are ready to use them. Your Specials will be displayed for 15 days or until the ending date you specify.

Only the latest Special you post will be active., however, if someone clicks the View All Specials button, any previous Specials less than 15 days old that have not expired will also be viewable. Once a Special becomes 15 days old, it is no longer considered "special," and it will no longer be displayed.

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5. Post Events

If your business has Events, you can promote them here. If anything changes, or you need to update information due to weather or traffic conditions, you can quickly update your Event information.

Many times, depending on the size of the city or county, an event you wish to publicize can get lost in the local Event Calendar. When you post your Event, it will also be displayed in the appropriate filtered website section so a site visitor can easily check for the Events they are particularly interested in. They can look at Sports Events, Family Events, Education Events, Tourism Events, etc.

Unlike News Items and Specials, you are not limited to the number of Events you can include in the Master Event Calendar. Having all Events included in the Master Event Calendar enables those planning Events to avoid as many conflicts as possible.

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6. Post Help Wanted Ads

If your business hires new employees, you can post Help Wanted Ads here.

You can post as many Help Wanted Ads as you like, and they will all be displayed. Help Wanted Ads are displayed for a maximum of 30 days. If you fill the job and there is no longer a vacancy, you should either delete your ad or inactivate it for future use.

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8. Advertise on City/County Home Page
as low as $13.50/month or $90/year

Businesses can take advantage of our extremely low advertising rates. Since we are just now launching, the opportunities are even better. For example, the first business to advertise on a Home Page of a city or county, will receive a 70 percent discount, and their low rate will continue until they cancel. There is a limit of 10 Home Page ads for each Home Page, and they will be displayed in random order.

Advertising rates are based on three factors; (a) population, (b) website or a filter, and (c) the current number of advertisers. This provides a major incentive for early adopters.

Advertisers will be able to change their graphics whenever and as often as they like. They will also be able to display a different graphic on each day of the week, with each graphic pointing to a different website if desired. For example, a Wednesday graphic for a restaurant could be for a free piece of pie and the Thursday graphic could be for a free child’s meal.

You are not limited to advertising on a Filter Page where your business is displayed. For example, a Child Fun Park that is listed on the Family Filtered Page could place an ad on the Pets Filtered Page. And to expand your target audience, you can advertise on a different city or county from where you business is located.

Discount Home Page Ad Rates for Gainesville City
(Tier 1 Population)

  Every.CITY Filter Website
  # of Current Advertisers     Discount     Monthly Cost     Yearly Cost     Monthly Cost     Yearly Cost  
0 70% $20.25 $135.00 $13.50 $90.00
1 60% $27.00 $180.00 $18.00 $120.00
2 50% $33.75 $225.00 $22.50 $150.00
3 40% $40.50 $270.00 $27.00 $180.00
4 30% $47.25 $315.00 $31.50 $210.00
5 25% $50.63 $337.50 $33.75 $225.00
6 20% $54.00 $360.00 $36.00 $240.00
7 15% $57.38 $382.50 $38.25 $255.00
8 10% $60.75 $405.00 $40.50 $270.00
9 0% $67.50 $450.00 $45.00 $300.00

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