Steps for Chambers, BBBs, & Associations

Help Your Businesses Promote Themselves

Join CitySpokes

Joining CitySpokes is a quick and easy step. Once you join CitySpokes, we will contact you to discuss the process, provide you with an online presentation, and secure a copy of your logo that will be made available to you within CitySpokes to identify your members.

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Invite your Member Businesses & Organizations to Participate

Your Business License holders will be so grateful to you when you reach out to them to show them you not only support them with words, but that your support is meaningful. You can help them recover quicker now, and then help them to continue to grow in the future. Their process to join is as simple as yours, only they do not have to wait for the authentication phone call. They only need to connect as a Business or Organization and they can begin communicating with your local residents immediately.

Another way you can demonstrate your support to your local businesses is by adding a link from your official website to your Home Page within CitySpokes. Not only does this provide an easy mechanism for your residents to learn about CitySpokes where they will have access to the most updated information, but it also validates your support of this community engagement tool.

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Boost your Member Businesses With Your Logo

In addition to helping businesses promote themselves at no cost, there are also significant benefits and opportunities for Chambers of Commerce, Better Business Bureaus, and Associations. The most significant of these is the ability to add your logo to member businesses. Residents and others will frequently use this membership information in their decision making process to determine which business to engage with. Having your logo next to the business name will provide a "silent" incentive to non-member businesses to then become members. The displayed logos will also highlight and promote your organization.

You will have your own Admin Page to quickly add and delete membership status changes. The first screen is where you enter any part of the text of the business name or the phone number, and then search. For example, you could enter 123 as part of the phone number and you would get a list of businesses that have 123 as any part of their number. Click the Update link on the business name you want to either add or remove your logo from on the Business Listing. DONE!

It takes just a few seconds to add or delete your logo for a specific business. Most of the time is in entering your User ID and Password when you sign into CitySpokes.

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Support Local Businesses

Businesses and Organizations that join CitySpokes will have lots of opportunities to promote themselves without spending any money. However, they will need to learn how to present their information in such a way that it is effective. That's where you will be able to shine and gain their appreciation.

Businesses will be able to post News Items, Specials, Events and Help Wanted Ads, all for free, and as often and whenever they like. The bottom line is businesses will be able to save a lot of money, but they will need your help in how they do this. You could have training sessions, special guests, mentors, and a lot more opportunities to engage with your businesses in ways that will really make a difference in their lives and their successes.

And as a Chamber, BBB or Downtown Association, you will also be able to promote yourselves, and your own News Items, Events and Help Wanted Ads. So you will have first hand knowledge in how it works and how to make the most of the opportunity.

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