Steps for Local City & County Governments

Be A Model Municipality that Your Residents and Businesses Appreciate

Post Featured Items

(Show Me How)

  1. Sign In and go to your Government Dashboard
  2. Click Featured Items
  3. Click Add Feature
  4. Enter a Heading and the Text of your Featured Item.

  5. Click Chose File to select (or take) an Image (Note: you can Sign In with a smart phone and take a picture and upload it in a single step.)
  6. In most cases, you will want to link to another website for more information, and if that is the case, open a separate tab and go to the website where you will be linking to. Copy and paste that website URL into the Link URL on the form.
  7. Enter the Expiration Date (last date you want your Featured Item to be displayed)
  8. Specify the Sort Order that determines the order the Slide will be displayed. Entries for Sort Order work like the alphabetical order in a phone book. A comes before B, A1 comes after A, but before B, A1A comes after A1 but before B.
  9. Click on the checkboxes for the City Spokes and/or Website Filters where you want your Featured Item to be displayed
  10. Click Submit
  11. Repeat this process for each Featured Item you want to add, keeping in mind you generally want no more than two Featured Items per Home Page

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