Steps for Local City & County Governments

Be A Model Municipality that Your Residents and Businesses Appreciate

Post "Plan Your Visit" Guidance

(Show Me How)

  1. Sign In and go to your Government Dashboard
  2. Click Plan Your Visit
  3. Click View Categories to see all the Categories within a Group
  4. Click View Items to see all the Items within a Category
  5. Click Add New Visit Item
  6. Enter the Item Title and Description
  7. If your items has a website URL you can link to, open a new tab and go to that website URL. Then copy and paste that URL into the Link URL on the form, and check the Display URL checkbox.
  8. Specify the Sort Order that determines the order the Items will be displayed, usually the most important item at the top and so on. Entries for Sort Order work like the alphabetical order in a phone book. A comes before B, A1 comes after A, but before B, A1A comes after A1 but before B.
  9. Click Submit
  10. Repeat this process for each Plan Your Visit Item you want to add

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