Steps for Spoke Guides

Grow Your Business By Helping Others Grow Theirs

Watch Tutorial Videos

We have completed some tutorials, and we are finishing at least two per week more. The tutorials provide a lot of information about CitySpokes that you should be familiar with.

You could also chat with a couple of businesses to see how easy and helpful it is to start a conversation about CitySpokes.

Identify and Join Local Social Media Groups

Social Media Groups provide a lot of News Items, Events, Specials, and Help Wanted Ads, however, you should not copy and paste them into CitySpokes, but rather should contact the respective businesses to suggest they expand their posting reach into CitySpokes and offer to help them through the process. When you do this, make sure to use our built-in ContactSpokes Application described in the next Step.

This also provides you with an easy foot in the door to the business by telling them you noticed their posting and the many more advantages of joining CitySpokes. For this, and all subsequent steps, you should first try to contact via phone, but if not possible, their Contact Us Page, and as a last resort, their email.

Your goal should be to have every Social Media posting you find also included in CitySpokes, with the long term goal to get businesses to first think of posting in CitySpokes and then on Social Media.

Learn How to Use our ContactSpokes Application

This program is an extremely important tool for a Revenue Sharing Partner. You will be contacting many businesses and extending to them the opportunity to join and take advantage of the many opportunities provided by CitySpokes.

However, unfortunately, some businesses will be hesitant to participate due to all the scams and expensive programs out there. And if that is their choice, we must do our best to not bother them again. When you reach out to businesses and other organizations, you should first Sign In as a Partner and use our built-in ContactSpokes application. By doing so, if you contact a business and they say they are not interested, you can annotate that so you do not try to contact them again, even if their business shows up in a separate source.

Post Entries in ContactSpokes

It is very important to log all information with your contacts. What seems really easy to remember will be gone within hours.

Follow-Up Timely on Due Dates

Missed Follow-Ups are frequently missed opportunities. When entering the ContactSpokes application, click on Due Follow-Ups, and then click on each Follow-Up that is due. When you do, you will see the Activity Log to ensure you are taking the right Follow-Up action.

Identify and Post Local Events

The best way to generate quick content is to identify the Events in your local city or county, and add them to the Master Event Calendar. Generally, anyone holding an Event is quite anxious for any publicity they can get, so getting their approval to post their Events can usually be accomplished quickly.

Use our Sample Scripts described below.

Post a Featured Item on the Home Page

Choose the Event from all the Events you have posted that you believe would be the most interesting to your local residents, and Feature that Event on the Home Page.

Sample Scripts and Content

You can use our scripts, email content and contact Us content to get started, however, as you gain more experience and determine what is most comfortable for you, you can take what you like from our samples and create your own.

Post News Items, Specials and Help Wanted Ads

Use the phone scripts shown below to Prime the Pump by calling businesses you are either familiar with those you believe would be most responsive. You want to identify at least 3 News Items, 3 Specials, and 1 Help Wanted Ad so future site visitors will come to a site that is populated.

You will have to help businesses come up with these items until you have some samples for others to look at, but once you start the conversation you will find it to be quite easy. You are really helping a business learn how to promote themselves, and get their business name in front of their local residents.

To better prepare yourself for this call, review the materials under Businesses and Organizations in the "How It Works" tabbed section.

Contact the Local Chamber of Commerce

Now that you have a few items populated on the website, you should contact the local Chamber of Commerce to introduce yourself, and let them know what your are doing.

You should explain to them that we plan on joining their Chamber, and we are looking for their support in supporting local businesses and residents. You should try to set up an appointment for us to call them and walk them through a presentation over the phone.

We are also hoping the Chambers will post their logo next to their member's names in our Business Listing.

Engage With All Local Businesses

Continue to engage with local businesses, getting them to post their News Items, Specials, Events and Help Wanted Ads. The process to start with is to use the provided zzz1s to complete Contact Us Pages if they are provided, and if not, send an email if that is provided. As a last resort, call the business to discuss the opportunities with them. And remember to use the Contact Logs application.

Contact the Local City & County Governments

There is a major role for local City and County governments in CitySpokes. You should read the tabbed section on Government to better understand that role. Their participation will also make the website more beneficial to local businesses and residents.

However, there is some crossover in what a government user can do and what a Partner can do, so if the government does not participate right away, you can step in and perform a lot of their functions for them.

For example, you can change the slide show to include local images instead of the generic default images. Having local images will also encourage engagement. You can also link the CitySpokes pages to their respective pages in the official City or County websites.

Contact The Local Board of Education & Schools

Depending on how your city and county education is structured, you should contact your local Board of Education and schools to offer our free educational prize apps. They provide an excellent, self-motivated way to learn where a lot less nagging is required.

Additionally, local teachers can take advantage of our templates to load their own data so almost any subject can be included in this process. And there is no charge for this opportunity. Teachers could include any class that requires learning. For example, there can be a local app for Anatomy, Science, Grammar, Car Maintenance, whatever... All the teacher has to do is enter the data into the template.

And once they do, their app will be available to anyone at the County level. National Apps are those we create,, and are available on each Home Page of every city in the United States, whereas Local Apps are those created by local Boards of Education and teachers and are available to their students at their respective county Home Pages.

Contact Businesses to Supply Prizes

Math for Prizes is an incredible tool, but to make it even better, if you get local businesses to provide the prizes, it does not cost the resident any money, the businesses are supporting the youth in the community, and it makes it more fun for the students.

Possible prizes include an ice cream cone, a slice of pizza, a round of miniature golf, etc., or for bigger prizes where there is a drawing instead of a one-for-one prize, bicycles, electronic games, etc.