SpokesGuides are businesses that have joined CitySpokes like any other business, however, they have also indicated their interest in supporting the CitySpokes user types. They also pay a small monthly fee (using a credit card) to be included in the SpokesGuide Directory. By using a credit card to pay for their listing, A SpokesGuide Directory member is an "Authenticated" member that has "passed" an additional level of security by connecting their Membership to a current and valid credit card.

However, a SpokesGuide is like any other business in that you should exercise due dilligence in evaluating their products and services in the same manner you would do for any other business. The only assurance we provide as to their quality, honesty and integrity is that they are an Authenticated Business. In most cases, they are offering to help CitySpokes members in exchange for any potential business opportunities that may arise from volunteering to help you. A good way to judge the quality of the business, and whether you want to work with them, is the manner in which they help you with your CitySpokes questions.

Consequently, you may want to check out the SpokesGuide Directory to find the closest SpokesGuide that best matches the products or services you might be interested in as you grow your business or organization. However, in most cases, the local SpokesGuides shown below will be in the best position to offer the best advice as they will better know the locale that applies to your needs. To view the full SpokesGuide Directory, organized by subject matter and locale, click HERE.


All SpokesGuides in the city of Scranton, Kansas